OPTIONS is NCS's vocational, education and employment program that helps individuals with little or no employment history and significant barriers to employment identify and pursue a career track that can provide a living wage and growth over time.

Resources available to participants include:

  • GED support

  • College application assistance and scholarships

  • Computer classes and an open computer lab with set-up and access to phones, fax, voicemail and email

  • Job search development

  • Assistance with resumes, cover letters and applications

  • Interview preparation including coaching, referrals and proper attire

  • Career development and job readiness workshops

  • Employment support

As keeping the job is often a greater barrier than landing the job for our participants, the holistic approach we employ addresses difficulties with social skills and workplace expectations, anger management, learning disabilities, managing routine stress and anxiety, and fear of failure that can undermine our clients' workplace experiences. NCS builds relationships with local employers to place our clients in jobs and then we work with both the client and the employer to help clients overcome obstacles and promote long-term success.